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Theoden, Horsemaster Theoden, Horsemaster

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Dont Waste Your Time, This Shyts Gay...

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Comp Diss To NGs HH-M Section Comp Diss To NGs HH-M Section

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yeh that was pretty weak...if it ain that hard to make a beat, then make one ya self. and for a 20yr old guy livin in michigan u got way too much time on ya hands

MembrsOfBushWhackers responds:

1. I just put a random date for the profiles birthday. 2. On average I spend like an hour a month on the songs I've recorded/wrote. I spent about 5 minutes on "Comp Diss" 3. It's fun to make music. I don't care how bad it is. Beats are not music. You can't make music by pressing a button. If you lay down some lyrics over the beats, that's another story. Though when I go to a Hip Hop section of an Audio portal, I want to hear hip hop, not some electronic beeps made on some fruity loops program.

The War (F.I.T. Diss) The War (F.I.T. Diss)

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DAMN!!!! THIS SHYT IS CRAZY THEM BEATS IS INSANEEEEEEE!!! IUNNO WHO U BATTLIN BUT THAT SHYT WAS HOTT. mad props son, i really wan that beat. lol holla bak -1


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Whoo Hott Shyt

Yo Son Dat Beat Was Fire Str8 Up. yall shood colab mo often. alla yall skilled at makin music , im tryna get into it but its mad hard learnin. keep doin ya thing. im out -=F-Ness=- Aka Tha East Side Assassin 1

Poetic-Reven responds:

Y U live in O_Town I live here 2 now
gotta changed city
just came form chicago
but I'm here in chicity now
so I'll hit u man just tell me when u want me 2 drop hot shit
but not everyday